Zenmuse XT with Android

I emailed this question to Pix4D support. They replied saying that they will not answer the question and that I must come to the community for answers. I had looked for an answer before emailing them. Does anyone know the answers/ I certainly do appreciate help.

Apr 28, 2022, 19:21 GMT+2

I have a Zenmust XT and a Tripltek android controller. In your online notes, the instructions say that camera choice is not an option in android. I have confirmed that. I see that it IS an option on one of my Ipads. So, my question is:

- in regards to camera settings. Shall I set the drone to acquire RJpegs before flight? I see that you say to set image type to Jpeg for IOS.

And I am also very curious about the statements regarding images being absolute or relative. The non R XT cameras do acquire RJpeg images. The spot meter results are calculated differently than the Radiometric versions, an average of 16 pixels instead of a single pixel. Is that what you are suggesting as a definition of relative? I don’t think so based on a blanket statement inclusive of other cameras.

I just have to add that Pix4D said it is a free app and that is the reason they will not answer questions. I wonder if people tend to use Pix4D as the processing software when using it for acquisition. My guess is that this is the reason it is put out as free software to begin with.

Hello @scott7, If you are trying to use the PIX4Dcapture app, you will not have an option to set which images type to capture. I believe it is the setting on the camera itself. For your questions, I would suggest setting it to rjepg on your camera before setting it.

PIX4Dmapper can process the rjpeg images obtained from the camera.