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Welcome to the Pix4Dsurvey beta!

Is there the possibility to obtain a .dxf of a facade or Pix4Dsurvey works only on the orthomosaic? If yes, how?

Thanks for a look at Pix4D Survey. Disappointing software. Very clumsy and limited. Is it designed as a viewer for non Pix4D mapper users? Most of my clients will use Mapper Ortho with xyz., or las on Model Maker and produce CAD drawings on there, or Global Mapper. After many discussions going back to 2012 withPix4D and others I have requested a simplified Mapper excluding Index maps and DTM for general survey, mining and Land. I will keep trying but as yet cannot see its advantage. Sorry

Hi Nate,

my first thoughts:


  • LAS versions higher than 1.2 should be supported.
  • Import of design data would be helpful (e.g. dxf/dwg).

Data preparation

  • Point cloud clean up is mandatory before starting vectorization, or the vector tool will snap to any noise points in the point cloud. At least some basic filtering for denoising would be helpful. See CloudCompare for some useful strategies.
  • For most surveying tasks the only relevant data are the ground points. Include a filter to extract them, again see CloudCompare.


  • Vectorization needs a snap function to snap to existing vectors.
  • View boxes and cross sections would help a lot when naviagting complex structures. Especially, when the vectorize tool snaps to any visible point…
  • Manual vectorization isn’t really state of the art any more. Automatic feature detection is the way to go. At least add some semi-automatic algorithms that can detect basic geometries. A good example is VRmesh.

Data management

  • Option to rename layers.
  • Option to switch on/off and freeze layers and point clouds.
  • Option to expand individual layers and label individual elements within each layer.


  • It would be awesome if you could include the fly-through animation tool from Pix4Dmapper to create animations of point clouds including vector works. There are very few tools on the market that can do that!

To be honest, at this stage I see no benefit from Pix4Dsurvey. The new features are really basic and should have been part of Pix4Dmapper years ago. So far they don’t justify a separate product. Professional surveyors will just stick with their CAD application but they are probably not your target group anyway. Or are you planning to create a full-fledged CAD software? I hope not… :wink:
However, if your goal is to reach the semi-professional drone surveyor who needs to create some CAD files then Virtual Surveyor might be a good software to use as reference.


@Antonio_Anelli, it is possible to rotate the scene with right-click and drag. This will allow you to rotate the scene and digitize the facades of the building.

I would recommend checking the secondary click trackpad settings in case you experience any issues.

How if a use an Apple Magic Mouse without secondary click? Mine is an iMacPro (late 2017) and OS X Mojave 10.14.6

It could be that the right-click is not configured on Apple Magic Mouse. Could you turn right click on for a Magic Mouse and let me know if the issue persists?

Ok: right click and drag works fine. I’ll try to digitize a facade as soon as possible on my work “Bovino castle”, stored at Pix4D “cool projects” and reachable at Bovino castle

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@Blaz @Nate_Moore I couldnt agree more with @Philipp_Mielke1. Everything He said is 100% on point. Virtual Surveyor is exactly what you want to look at as the golden standard and Pix4DSurvey really needs the majority of the features VS offers before trying to do a public release.

It’s very impressive the possibility to show the path and pictures taken in Pix4Dsurvey, as shown

in the attached screenshot.

Is there the possibility to hide a surface, choosing it? All surfaces appear all together with their colors and this is a noise IMHO

at the moment Pix4Dsurvey doesn’t have any advantage to other products for us. I totally agree with @Philipp_Mielke1

  • snapping to existing vectors is a must have
  • also the option to filter the point cloud or to snap only points with same color or similar hue
  • Offset is a must have to digitize underground infrastructure
  • many of our geometries need to be perpendicular like walls, windows, roofs, building footprints; so it’s more important to be orthogonal during digitizing than snapping any other point
  • semi-automatic detection for basic geometries like windows, walls, pipes, roofs would be an advantage
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Hi @nicola.schillo @Antonio_Anelli @rsweeney and @Philipp_Mielke1and everyone else,

Thanks for all the great feedback. I’ll work on a public roadmap, but won’t have it to share for a while.

You’ve covered a lot of the topics that we have in mind for the near future. And no, we won’t create a full CAD software! We’ll have a new beta version for you soon, and you’ll already see a few steps in the right direction there.

Automatic will come, but its going to take some time, meanwhile we’ll keep working on making it easy to work with big point clouds and extract the right details.

thanks again for all the feedback - we’re using it to make Pix4Dsurvey better every day.