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Waypoints not uploaded message

We where attempting to fly a grid with our Inspire 1 Pro while using an Android Samsung S2 Tablet. We where getting all green check marks on the Drone Takeoff Checklist, but when the drone assumed the starting position of the grid, it would hover for a bit and then we would get a message on the screen that said something like unable to upload all the way points. This is confusing to us, because the drone takeoff checklist specifically had the mission uploaded to drone green checkmark. What might be going wrong. We where trying a fairly large area of around 300 m x 300 m at the time, but we weren’t getting any message saying we where too far from the center point of the grid.

Hi steve,

we have noticed that sometimes there are some delays when sending the mission details to the drone through DJI SDK (what allows the communication between the drone and Capture). A time-out could prevent the mission from being completely uploaded.

We are investigating the issue, but since it’s happening inside DJI SDK, it could be possible that for a permanent solution we will have to wait next DJI SDK releases.

As a temporary solution, we would suggest to try the following:

After receiving the error message, while the drone is hovering at the first waypoint:

  1. Try to adjust RC antennas and make sure that the drone is flying within the optimal transmission zone (see image below).

  1. Start the mission again. Capture will try to re-upload the waypoints and if it succeeds, the drone will correctly begin the flight.


  1. Abort the mission and take over manual control to land the drone.

  2. Cancel the mission and restart it but slightly adjust the grid before, e.g. the size, in order to force the app to upload the mission details again.

  3. (optional) If this does not work, restart the mission scratch, meaning close and force the app to stop, disconnect the mobile device, switch off the remote controller and the drone.

Hope this helps,


I hit this during a test flight on the weekend.  My guess was that it looked like the drone got the “goto mission start” waypoint, then when at mission start got the rest of the waypoints from there.  In my case the start waypoint was the furthest point from launch, and therefore the worst reception.

What would be great is if there is a way to tell during planning which waypoint will be the first or last one.   That would allow for more efficient flight planning for the launch/landing part of the mission, and if my guess was right, let us lower the instances of the ‘waypoints not uploaded’ by ensuring the first waypoint on the mission is closest to the launch site.

The capture mission planner puts a finish flag at the last waypoint. You may have to zoom in on the mission to see the flag but it is there. From that you can rotate the grid so that it finishes where you want it to. I rotate the mission with the finish at a position that allows the drone to fly with best use of prevailing winds. I have also set the finish flag close to the takeoff point so I have a better visual lock on the drone if the battery gets low. This allows a landing without much travel.

Oh wow, that’s tiny, and I didn’t see it before… but it’s clearly there.  Thanks for pointing it out that’ll help a lot.