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Very Steep Site - Multiple missions?

I have a very steep site that I was planning to capture with a Phantom 3 Advanced.  It has about 150m drop over the whole site.


My plan was to run multiple missions, then run them as a single large project.

A large missions from the highest altitude point to cover as wide an area as possible (so a 100m mission from that point).  Then a series of  infill missions at 30m or so over points of interest.

Making sure that each of the infill missions had at least two 3D GCPS in it that the larger mission also had.

Is this a sensible image acquisition plan to get good 3D model and OrthoMosaic or am I going to run into trouble?



Hi Glen,

You will find our recommendations regarding this specific type of mapping here:
For more general suggestions about the image acquisition plan: