Value in Geoid height offset changes surface


I am trying to figure out why a created surface has changed when I add -23m value at the vertical datum, difference with Geoid option in the output coordinates selection. When I process the images with value 0m, the point cloud is accurate (I know that because I compare with actual RTK data). When I process the images with the exact same settings but with -23m value in the vertical datum of the output coordinates option, I get a difference with the RTK measurements. I am comparing volumes with a base RTK surfaces - one in ellipsoid heights (0m value) and Geodetic height (-23m value). I thought that adding a value there would just “lift” the point cloud with 23m without changing it.



Are you using the latest stable version? Previously we had a problem similar to the one that you are describing but it has been fixed with the latest releases. 

To better understand please post here the quality report, the log file and a screenshot of the RayCloud.