Tree asessment and counting in PIX4Dfields! 🌳

Great performance of #pix4dfields over a citrus grove planted in a square layout!

Objective :dart: : Tree assessment and counting using the Magic Tool.

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Low-performing trees identified.
:evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: 600 trees counted, 1% error.

1- Orthomosaic from high-resolution RGB drone imagery (4cm/pixel)

2 - Magic Tool in action, grid showing automatic classification, after some refinement by hand, selection done.

3 - Select Conver to β€œArea annotation”. Magic Tool provides an area annotation for each tree detected.

Afterward, separate it into single polygons. Click Edit, and Create single polygons.

4 - After exporting TGI index statistics per tree, low index trees can be identified.

Try it yourself! Download PIX4Dfields
Learn how to use the Magic tool: Magic tool | PIX4Dfields beginner tutorials - YouTube