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Tips on reconstructing vehicles? (reducing reflectivity?)

Has anyone had any success in reducing the reflectivity of vehicle paint so that vehicle reconstructions have better outcomes. The few vehicles I’ve tried to do since working with Pix4D are giving me some issues. Is there some sort of non-permanent home-made or store bought solution that can be sprayed on vehicles to dull them down that people have actually tried and would recommend?



I think rubber coating spray could work quite well

Does that come off easily?

Hello Matthew,

You can also try to take the images in a cloudy, or in the shadow day to avoid reflections.


In the LiDAR world it is common to spray a mixture of 60% alcohol and 40% talcum powder on dark, shiny objects. 

Thanks, Scott. Have you personally used it? If so, how well does it dull shine and cut down reflections?

I’ve used an aerosol spray powder on smaller objects that I’ve scanned with a structured light scanner and it works great. I haven’t used it on a car with LiDAR or with photogrammetry. TheLaser Scanning Forumhas lots of info on this. Just do a search in there for alcohol and talc.