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System crash after loading optimized parameters

Fairly large project of 600 acres with arbitrary coordinate system.  I’m using the support doc from the Pix4D website to import GCPs, etc., but when I get to the last step of loading optimized parameters, the system crashes.

Data was captured with fixed wing, and even though I have a very robust workstation, I’m thinking there are too many photos.  Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated, thanks-


Dear John, 

If your project has been done in several flights, it might be a good idea to create several subprojects and merge them according to

as this would lighten the load on your machine. 

In any case, we are not sure which step the problem is occurring at. As such, we would have a better idea if you could share your project log as well your quality report. We will have a look if you upload them here. 

Best regards,