Supported equipment for Inspect

I am looking to understand supported equipment to use in inspect acquired with scan. Specifically, I want to be sure that an M210 RTK V2 is supported.

The list at
That list has annotations saying that M200 series drones are not supported for cell tower inspections; M200 Series** – Cell tower mission not available. The double asterisks are not indicated by all of the M200 series drones. So, shall we interpret this as only the 200 series with asterisks are not supported and the rest are supported?

Hello @scott7 , thank you for your message!

To answer your question: Yes! Like the Supported drones, cameras, and controllers - PIX4Dscan article states, your M210 RTK V2 is compatible with PIX4Dscan and does have access to the Cell tower asset for tower inspection (as you mentioned, only the M200 series with asterisks** are not supported).

PIX4Dscan is free to everyone with any Pix4D valid license, but keep in mind that to enable the Cell tower asset, you will need a PIX4Dinspect license (you can start with a free trial here: PIX4Dinspect free trial ).

Hope that answers your question @scott7 .

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Thank you for the confirmation.