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Support DJI Mavic mini with Pix4Dcapture

Hi Antonio,
Your post was merged with the older post so that we have all the information in one place. This is why we close all duplicated community posts related to the same topic. You can find your old post here.

I am also going to move this post to the same community post. I would suggest you not to create any duplicate post anymore. As I have already mentioned that there are no plans to support the DJI Mavic Mini in 2020. If things change, we will post here to inform the community.

Estimados, necesito saber si existe compatibilidad de PIX4DCAPTURE con el drone “Mavic Air 2”. En la aplicación y web indica que es compatible con el modelo “Mavic Air”, pero no aparece la Mavic Air 2. Habrá algún inconveniente si selecciono Mavic Air para utilizar mi drone “Mavic Air 2”?. Se puede o hay que esperar a una nueva actualización de PIX4Dcapture? Quedo atento, saludos.


When you change your decision to support the Mavic Mini?


I just purchased a Mavic Mini and another farmer mentioned your software. Too bad I can’t use it with my drone - or perhaps you will support it and gain another customer!? Would hate to have to buy another $1500 drone after spending $500 on the Mini to use this software.

Hello @noel.hastings,

The DJI has just released the SDK for Mavic mini drone. That means the third party software should now be able to use it to do automated flight planning. At the moment, it is currently not in our pipeline to support the drone in 2020. Just to let you know, if the Pix4Dcapture app does not support your drone at this time, you can use any other image acquisition software and still process the data using Pix4Dmapper. Pix4D’s software is drone/app agnostic, meaning that you will be able to process image data obtained from different image acquisition app or the drone.


I was thinking of buying the Mavic Air 2 because price is not much more and way better capabilities. Do you support that one?

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Hi @noel.hastings,

For more information about supported drones, I would recommend you to go through our support article on Supported drones, cameras and controllers.



Can you suggest any other image acquisition app for mavic mini that we can use to acquire our photos to be used for Pix4Dmapper?


Hello @Pier,

I doubt if there is any image acquisition app other then the one from DJI with limited features. They have recently released the SDK, so it will take some time for the other third party software to support the drone. I would also suggest you to wait for the reply from other users to see what workflow they have been using for image acquisition.


I recommend Dronelink, it works with the Mavic Mini. Missions can be planned on a computer and unlike Pix4D, they quickly update the application with new drones. The program offers many more options for planning photogrammetric missions than Pix4Dcapture.

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That is $20 to buy. I am not sure how easy it is to use being web based and how you connect to Mavic and all that.
I tried to program with Android SDK but unfortunately Waypoint mission still is not supported for MAvic mini and only mobile remote works. This should be still doable but takes more work. If anyone is happy to assist with formulas I can do Android program.


If you are an android developer then you might be interested by this:

Using Virtual Stick allows to achieve automated flights with the Mavic Mini.

Hope this helps,



Flew my first grid mission today using Dronelink with my Mavic Mini.

Fairly straight forward if you follow the instructional videos.

When I connected my phone to the remote, I chose to use the Dronelink app to connected to my MM instead of the Go fly app.

Very happy with the result.

The $20 was money well spent and will carry me through until Pix4D gets around to supporting the Mavic Mini.


Great, I may give it a go.

Hi Javier! Sorry I didn’t see this when you first posted it. The mapping results look great. I too have flown my Mavic Mini the same way, using a manual flight path with timed auto shutter. It’s fine, but I really do want to use Pix4D Capture’s automated flight path eventually. Having a preset overlap and sidelap would ensure consistent results. Thanks for sharing your project.

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Hello, how are you? If I really am waiting for pix4dcapture to finally put the mavic mini, for me it is the planning program I will trust in real-time planning situations. Greetings to all from the Dominican Republic

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