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Suggestion: Pix4D Capture Desktop Version

Hi all,

sometimes is very important plan the mission on a wide screen, like the one of my iMac Pro (late 2017): is it possible a desktop version of Pix4D Capture?


Hi Antonio,

I just reported the suggestion to app product manager :).

Ok, thanks. I know other softwares permit this type of work and plan the mission on desktop mah be useful! Waiting for an answer, as soon as possible. Regards

Yes being able to plan flights on the desktop would be very beneficial. For example for a site the we need to do recurring flights to track construction progress. It would also be very useful if we could use the polyline made from a video animation for a flight path.

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@ Antonio and Fred, being subjected to constant changes on the market and aim to support the latest SDK and drones, development of some features like having a desktop version of Pix4Dcapture can get postponed or put on hold depending on the workload and priorities.

I will share with the developer’s team your feedback so that they consider to put a higher priority on this development. 

@Franklyn: Thank you for your feedback. I am not really sure to understand your need here for the polyline. If my understanding is correct, you would like to transcript the path of a manual flight into a Polygon mission in Pix4Dcapture? Is it possible to precise a bit more in which cases would this functionality be useful for you and for what need?




I know that priorities may be different, but I’m waiting for an OSX version of Pix4Dmapper Pro since from November 2015: I’ve subscribed a new upgrade and support year also hoping that this is the right year to have a stable version of Pix4Dmapper Pro 3.0.18 not a “beta” one.

Kind regards.

Hi Antonio,

Please refer to the post on the macOS topic here for the latest update:

I would also like to see a desktop version of Pix4D Capture.  Planning a mission at home or office then uploading it on the field - with option to tweak it onsite - would be great.

Hello Kelvin,

The approach of our applications in the future is to have more interoperability between platforms/devices to simplify/improve the user’s experience, especially for people who fly a lot, by having the possibility to easily organize/sort/import/export flight plans. Special attention is given by our teams for this at the moment and having a desktop version of Pix4Dcapture is part of it.


Don’t forget the “Apple World”: I’m waiting for an upgrade od OSX version 3.0.18 since November 2015!