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sub station photo capture and process for best results?


Whats the preferred way of capturing and processing a substation?

Ive got a dataset nadir photos and double grid with 80% overlap. With default processing template i get lots of artifacts. Many of the beams between poles and other installations are partially not visible and multiple shown with ghost effect. See attached photo

What are the output(s) you’re looking to create? The recommendations might change if you want only an orthomosaic, or if your goal is to create a point cloud of the sub station.

Artifacts appear in the mosaic. Mosaic is the intended product.

Pointcloud look very good with correct details, no noise.

I assume you used both the oblique and nadir pictures to create the orthomosaic. I would try to use only the nadir pictures, if your goal is to have an orthomosaic. This might result in less “duplication” of sub station elements. Also, it might be worth running these through PIX4Dmatic, I got feedback of some clients that poles and such structures are “straighter” then what they were used to in PIX4Dmapper.