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Some questions about orthoplane

I want to use a lot of drone photos with certain zenith angles,such as 40°,to mosaic into a 40° zenith Angle image,by using one Orthoplane with 20° zenith angle.I want to know what the Angle error of this Mosaic is.

Hi @jialiqi,

thank you for this question. For orthoplanes we recommend to take images perpendicular to the object in order to get good results.

When defining the orthoplane, the green arrow should point towards the object to be orthorectified. We do not have experience with orthoplanes that are slightly tilted but I would assume that you will get a lot of artifacts if you tilt it for 20 degrees.

More information in the article:

Sorry, the question I asked above is misstated, i want to use 40° zenith angles drone photos to generate a 40° zenith Angle mosaic image.Just mosaic tilt image.
Using new orthoplane with 40° zenith angle,I don’t know if the zenith Angle of all pixels in the Mosaic image is 40°.

This is something we did not try, or at least I am not aware of practical examples when the orthoplane was used this way.

Theoretically, pixels will be projected on the surface at the angle you specify in orthoplane settings. So if the arrow that defines the orientation of the orthoplane has a 40° angle, then the pixels will be projected on the surface at a 40° angle.

I hope this helps,

Thank you very much