Sigmet - Irma

For what its worth, myself and others here in Florida will be off-line until our weather cleaners here.

Hope you’re going to weather the storm. Let us know when you are back online.

If there is damage, you and other users in Florida could help with assessing the damages to help out cleaning and reconstruction work. If there are other users in the region you could comment here too. 

FPL has use on standby sense least weekend but…thank you very much.

Any news Gary?

Thanks and sorry for not participating lately.

We did better with Irma than with Mathew last year (dodged another bullet again!). Power was restored last Wednesday night and internet on Sunday afternoon. Still have the windows boarded up and watching weather systems move off of Africa for anymore troubles.

Thank you very much Sir!

Glad to hear that you are safe! 

Welcome back!