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Sharing With Clients Using Tools

What if I want to share projects with clients and they want to do volume and distance measurements?  

Is it possible to share your projects publicly with ability to use measurement tools, without having a Pix4D account?

If a user account is required can an end client that just need to look at one project, use a free account and can they use the measurement tools with it?


Hello Jeff,

Yes, it is possible to share your projects publicly to collaborators that do not have a Pix4D account! All the content of the 2D and 3D views, together with the annotations, will be shared.

Two options are available according to the link that is shared: 

  1. The collaborator can view and measure (what you asked for) and any edit made by the collaborator won’t be saved
  2. The collaborator can edit and save

Have a look at the article Cloud general questions for more information.

To share your project, at the top right corner of the project page click the  SHARE icon

I like sharing my projects using the cloud.  However, I wish I could limit their use.  It would be great if there was just a viewer that would allow them to see the annotations and navigate the model, but not make any measurements.  I have had clients measure the same stock pile and come up with a slightly different answer, then I get phone calls… which isn’t fun.  Or I get clients that want to do the measuring themselves taking away my control of the volumes that I certify.  

I’ve stopped using the cloud feature, and just share my calculation with a 2D map with number written on it (Boring).  I really miss sharing the cloud.  Its was a really cool selling point, however, I don’t like the fact that they can do their own measurements.  If you could make it a viewer option only I would definitely start using it again.  Its a great way to organize data, but my clients only need to see the results, not measure.


Hello Tony,

Thank you for your feedback. I am really sorry to hear you have stopped using the Cloud to share projects with your customers. I have passed your comments to our dedicated team for the future development of our Cloud products.

Follow the Important Communication topic of our Community to receive updates on the new releases of the Cloud and much more!

Alice - is there a way to share an Orthomosaic with a client? 

I’d like them to be able to view and do measurements.

On the cloud I see ways to share a point cloud, but not an Orthomosaic.


So for now I’ve been having them install qGIS which works, but hardly seems professional to not have an end to end solution.

Hello Steve,

Sharing an orthomosaic works exactly the same way as sharing a point cloud. In fact, you share a full project with whichever outputs are in it.

So all you need to do is create an emtpy project, upload your orthomosaic to it and then share the project.

Note that you might have to wait a while for our systems to tile and optimize the orthomosaic before it can be seen/loaded.

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Thanks for the reply Hugo. I must be doing something wrong. I have a folder on the site with two images in it, one of them an Orthomosaic. The thumbnail looks fine. The image looks great on my desktop, and when I open the file in qGIS. But with pix4d when I click on it I just get a spinning beach ball icon and it never loads.

It also doesn’t have the “share” icon that other pages do as well.

If you wanted to take a look the folder name is “50 10th St July 2019” and the file is ortho7.tif


HI Steve,

How did you upload your images in the Cloud?
Which of these options have you chosen?

If you are uploading the outputs, it should be done by this mean. 

My guess it that you have uploaded your outputs as images, whereas they should have been uploaded as results.
Could you try to follow this workflow?