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RTK Survey GCP - Can they be permanent

Can we select or create permanent GCP and use the same coordinates for successive flights?  That is digitize the permanent GCP point using the same coordinates as say last week or last months XYZ values.  For example a concrete post, corner of a structure or buried steel rod.  We are trying to reduce the cost of having to set up an RTK base station and rover kit each time we survey the same location.  The purpose of the surveys is volumetric calculations and DSM’s.

You should be able to use the same GCP’s everytime, as long as these points with surveyed coordinates as always visible in each of the following sequential flights. If the GCP’s have not moved, no need to resurvey them with RTK.

We do this all the time… simply use the same GCP file for each job.  Just ensure that you have good internal checks to make sure any heavy equipment at the site has not moved your permanent GCP from your last visit, and that all GCP are visible from our aerial images.