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Results differ

 I’ve been playing with the dataset examples and I’m not getting the results. Lets take the Bebop House for example. I follow all the directions and once the processing has been completed, all I get in the rayCloud are pix in the sky, nothing close to what the examples indicate I should get.  Obviously I’m missing a step here somewhere.

I’ve also played with some of the other datasets and got nothing…just points/pix in the sky.

Please help


Bebop House

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for sharing your experience!

Have you processed the images from scratch by creating a new project or from the .p4d that is available on the dataset webpage?

At least if you process from the .p4d file, you should get the exact same results as displayed. If you carefully followed the step by step procedure described above, you should also come up with the same model at the end.

If you wish, you could attach some screenshots to your reply so that we can better advise.