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Required Features

I am a looking at starting a small business using a Dji inspire (or possibly a phantom 3 pro). I’ve researched every possible drone, app, and processing software, and I believe that Pix4D is the best solution for photogammetry services. But from what I can tell, there is 2 main features that required in order to make it 100% feasible. 

  1. Setting the boundary of a survey zone. 

Currently, I see no way if ensuring that a user is surveying the correct location in areas that do not have Google Earth imagery or areas where imagery is out of date. Construction  and mining sites change quickly and vastly. I suggest adding a way for a user to “tag” boundary limits with either the users phone GPS or the drones GPS. 

As well boundary limits shouldn’t always be rectangular. Option should be available to have a polygon shape boundary. 

  1. Multiple Battery mission

With only a 15 to 20 min flight time, total area of a survey is limited. To survey a large construction or mine site it could take several batteries. The app needs an option to complete a very large mission over 2, 3, 4 or more batteries.  A survey could perhaps take a couple of days. Understandably, you could merge missions in the processing software, but you would need a way to view previous mission boundaries while planning a new one to ensure that the user to covering all areas or mistakenly covering areas already surveyed. 



I welcome other users thoughts or suggestions of any work-arounds they may have. 

I agree with both paragraphs! In big need of thoose implements! Would be great if mission planning could be done by importing a .kml, maybe even just as a view layer when drawing new area on android device…

KML import is another great idea. Can save you time by doing mission planning at home instead of the field. 

Another idea to help with mission planning in areas with limited satellite imagery, is for the drone to capture a single high altitude picture (georeferenced) that covers your whole work area, and use the photo to plan a grid mission. 

For now, total area of a single grid mission is limited by transmission distance between RC and drone.

Yes, but that is just partially limiting, because you could Always walk forward along with the drone… :slight_smile:

Most of my missions will be 120m AGL and 200 hectares (500 Acres), up to 1000 hectares. Would very much be able to draw missions with gis-tool and import missions as .kml-file.

Would like to implement this in my buisness with a couple of drones  (and loads of batteries) this year.

Dear Anton, Andrew and Yucheng,

These are all very good points. We are working on multiple flights mission, and would like to implement some more mission planning features. We are aware of the possible improvements you suggest and thank you for your feedback. I am adding this to the suggestion list for the product management team. We constantly strive to make the Pix4Dcapture app better.

Best regards,