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Raycloud - Screen Shots

I would like to export a view from the raycloud to use in some promotional products. I’ve thought about taken a screen shot of the raycloud like the one below but I’m concerned that when the image is blown up that I will lose the quality. Looking for suggestions, thanks

From what I found on the web, the resolution of the screenshot will mostly depend on the resolution of your screen and the format in which it is saved. 

For the resolution of the screen you can check the display settings on your computer and increase the resolution if it is not at the maximum already, or find a computer with a higher resolution screen. 

Make sure to save the screenshot in a file format that does not downsample the image such as PNG or Tiff. Most of the time it will be saved to JPG by default, which is optimized to have small file sizes and so it is downsampled. If you do a print screen by clicking on the PrtScn, or Print Screen button, you can paste it directly to a program such as Paint, GIMP or Photoshop where you can select the format and resolution in which you want to save the file. 

If you find another workaround please post it here. Hope this helps!