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Processing a Beach Help???

Recently my firm flew 1.5 miles of beach along the coastline for erosion documentation. The parameters were 75% sidelap and 80% overlap. We flew approximately 200 feet above the surface with a Phantom 4 RTK. The issue I am having is the beach will not process correctly and creates multiple blocks. Once I process it I can actually see a separation in the ray cloud. I was just wondering if you could recommend anything for these types of areas with a lot of similar features which would help me process it correctly? I have added a number of manual tie points which helps somewhat but not really. I think I am up to 30 manual tie points.

At this point I am stuck.

Try to process with this template - Could you share both reports?

Hi @jeon,
would it be possible that you attach the quality report so we get an overview of the project?

Does the beach have homogeneous visual content - sand? If this is the case, then we recommend to: