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PROBLEMS with to send images

 I have a progect,…my first,… og 145 photos. My smartphone is sending the photos, but do not finist,… now there ara 133 photos sended, but…can’t finish… and i don’t know what happend…

is possible to send the photos from my computer ?.. i don’t see the opction , and to see by the smartphone,…is slow…

Thansks for yors solutions… and congratilations for the program.

Josep, from Spain

Hi Josep,

yes, you can upload your images to Pix4D Cloud with your computer. Please follow this steps to do it.

  1. Download the images and the .p4d file from your smartphone and copy them in the same folder on your PC.

If you’re using Android you’ll find them here:

images: \Pictures\Project_XXXXX\Mission_XXXXX_XXXX\data
.p4d file: \Pictures\Project_00001\Mission_00001_0001\Mission_XXXXX_XXXX.p4d

If you’re using iOS, you’ll find them here:

images: \Pix4Dcapture\Documents\Mission_XXXXX\Mission_XXXXX_data
.p4d file: \Pix4Dcapture\Documents\Mission_XXXXX\Mission_XXXXX.p4d

  1. Download and install Pix4D mapper following: 202557299

  2. Double-click on the .p4d file you’ve downloaded in step 1 and upload your project to Pix4D Cloud following: 202558589

  3. Check your email. When the cloud processing is completed, you will receive an e-mail from where you can access to the generated 3D model and to a preview of the orthomosaic and DSM.

I hope this helps.