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problems with point uncertainties


I’m having problems with the new output parameter " project_name_point_uncertainties". When I tried to open or export this new file, it seems that it’s losing the last coordinates/decimals, and therefore, plotting several points in the same position (when displayed on GIS software).

They look like the following:

I know this is still an experimental feature but I would be good if can be fixed in the next release

Hello Simon,

It is normal that several points have the same Y coordinate since we use a grid to select the points that are displayed in this file. However, if all your points have the same Y coordinate then it is a problem.

We have also noticed from our side a weird behavior in the distribution of the ATPs saved in the uncertainties file. This behaviour is fixed and the fix will be included in the next release. You can get notified about the fix by following our technical release notes