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Ponte Romano - Corcapolo by Damiano Maeder - OBLIVION AERIAL

Hi everyone,

Today, our featured project brings us to Ticino, Switzerland.

Sketchfab link:

This is the story behind the Ponte Romano model:

I wanted more people to be able to see and feel this place. This medieval stone bridge is in a very beautiful but relatively unknown spot near the village of Corcapolo in Ticino, Switzerland.

I used a DJI Phantom 4, in free flight mode, I manually set the exposure during the flight to try match the light and colors.

I created the project with Pix4Dmapper in my desktop. I edited the point cloud and used the “carve” annotation tool. I also added 2 small surfaces to the walls of the bridge in the region where it intersects the vegetation, and big surface on the water to flatten it.

In addition, I enabled the Use Color Balancing for Texture setting when generating the 3D Textured Mesh, this improved the texture of the water surface.” Damiano Maeder, Oblivion Aerial, Founder and Pilot.

Damiano has 15 years’ experience steering RC models, 8 years piloting drones, and he has also been a paramedic for 10 years now.

Enjoy your 3D visit to Corcapolo and feel free to share your comments and your own projects.

Pix4D team