Point cloud density effect on 3d mesh

Just trying to get a better understanding of the effect that the point cloud settings have on the resulting 3d mesh.

For context, we have processed a project of oblique aerial images with point density->low and 3d mesh resolution->high. This is very slow but renders a very good result but contains 5 million triangles and is very slow to load.

Without altering point cloud density we reprocessed with medium 3d mesh resolution and the result is just under 1 million triangles and a slightly lower visual resolution.

I guess my question is: would creating a medium or high density point cloud make a difference to the mesh? It would be good to create a mesh with high point density without bogging everyone’s PC down with an unnecessarily high resolution image overlay.


Hello @rsaunders, Yes creating a higher density point cloud will help in generating better quality mesh. Processing time will increase when you increase high-density point cloud and similar with the high-quality mesh.