Pix4dInspect with DJI Mavic 3T

We have done a survey of a highway bridge with a DJI Mavic 3T with a 48 MP settings
We plan an oblique flight route and then a free flight route for details the under bridge and columns, all with DJI Pilot 2 controller flight routes.
We elaborated a first draft in low quality with another rival software and got good results (no missing spots, perfect georeference and alignment).
Then we wanted to evaluate Pix4D Inspect to see if it’s a valuable substitute, for having a cloud service with faster processing time, cloud service for our clients for the inspection, and Rust Detection.
Here’s the result:

We are pretty disappointed. The quality is bad. So we wanted to understand where’s the issue: Mavic 3T ? 48 mp pictures? something else? setting (we could not set anything)?

Thanks very much!

I think 3T is for Inspection, not mapping. DJI 3E is the one for mapping.

as I said, we did not have this problem with another software. Plus we need the thermal vision sometimes for better detection of moisture problems in concrete