pix4dcapture pro issues with anafi usa

Circular/Orbit missions consistently over collect images. Eg i set 30 images, estimated flight time is 5 min, Anafi proceeds to take 118 images over 20 minutes and orbit speed is less than 5mph. Woefully inefficient.

Similarly, Grid/Survey missions over collect. Realized inaccuracies with overlap/sidelap percentages and total estimated images vs. final count on SD card onboard Anafi USA.

In addition, neither mission profile automatically sets gimbal angle; this has to be done manually for each flight.

All issues increase flight time/processing time, decrease efficiency, and lack the autonomy that was so prevalent with the EOL’d Anafis and original pix4dcapture.

For a system of this cost and capability, pix4dcapture Pro misses the mark almost everywhere. These issues need to be addressed promptly, or expect a litany of returned items to Parrot as a result of this errant mission planner.