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Pix4dCapture polygon area incorrect, didn't cover the whole site


I flew a mission yesterday, using iOS, on the map, I marked out the polygon. I could see clearly that it extended over my area of interest, by about 80m, BUT when the drone flew, it missed about 30m on each side?

The distance was reported as about 680m on the map in Pix4dCapture, but it only covered about 620m on the ground in reality.

Is this a common issue? Can it be easily corrected?


Hi James,

taking into account the accuracy of the GPS unit on the drone and the positional accuracy of the background maps, we expect some differences in the mission planned in the app compared to the actual situation, for example, 10 m.

However, a difference of 50m is not expected and there might be some high local inaccuracies in the background map for the region you were flying, or the GPS signal was not fixed.

At this point, I would recommend you make sure that the background map is accurate by comparing it to other available maps and artificially enlarging the mission by adding some extra flight lines. More here: (iOS) General settings, Map.