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Pix4D output names

does anyone have a method for eliminating the useless words in the pix product names, other than manually renaming each file?

Hi @ssnider,

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Thank you for your question.

I understand that if you are using just that single file type, the wording might be too specific and superfluous. This was done on purpose in order to differentiate the different possible result types (for example non-transparent mosaics or when having several groups).

If you still want to remove the extra words, you can search online for software allowing you to bulk modify file names. Maybe other Pix4D Community members can also help you by adding a comment to this thread.

I hope my answer was helpful.

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I find this one very useful:
PowerToys PowerRename utility for Windows | Microsoft Docs

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Wow, this looks promising!
thank you for sharing.

You need to enable PowerToys (external link below) in order to have Power Rename available

Microsoft PowerToys | Microsoft Docs