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Pix4D Capture GPS mode - FCC or CE ?

How does the app select the mode ?

How would I know if I’m flying in FCC or CE mode ?

The question is related to the small “hack” for Android, installing the Fake GPS app will let you select FCC even if you’re in Europe - so a longer range is possible.

But that’s in the DJI Go App, and I am interested to know if Pix4D Capture extracts the region information from the DJI Go App or not.


Hi Dragos,

Pix4Dcapture is acting as a third-party app which means that normally it should not set anything in DJI GO 4 nor changing the GPS mode you set. In any case, I would suggest you to try if it works or not. Don’t hesitate to share the results of your test with us.


Hi Gaël,

Thanks for replying.

It’s not obvious how it can be checked, since Pix4D Capture doesn’t have an option or menu where we can see the number of channels available, or on which one we are.

The difference between FCC and CE - are that in DJI Go you can see 13 2.4Ghz channels for CE, where if you are in FCC, you can only see and select 11.

So, if Pix4Dcapture doesn’t change the GPS mode, but still recognises your location, based on the GPS settings (for example, set in Fake GPS) - then it is not clear if it uses FCC or CE mode when communicating with the drones and controlling them from the controller.

Again, this FCC/CE mode has no relation with the wifi mode on the smartphone.

The question is - what mode does the Pix4D Capture app use ? It’s important since in CE, the range is vastly reduced, and the app will command the drone to return home if it loses signal, and that can happen after only 100-200 meters, inside zones with many radio and electrical interferrences.

Hi Dragos,

Thank you for the additional details provided. I understand your concerns about the signal.
I am still not sure to completely understand here but on Pix4Dcapture main menu, little icons show you the number of satellites available for positioning.

It might help, otherwise, I will do further investigations and let you know.