Photogrammetry in Malawi

Hi there, I’m keen to use the Pix4D app with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ to get aerial photos for development of a DEM of a fault scarp in Malawi.

I have a few concerns which I hope you can address:

  • WiFi will be limited, and so will mobile coverage, and caching maps may work it seems for Malawi the maps are very coarse.
  • Would I be able to use the free flight mode without a map? Would the app still capture photographs every few metres based on the UAVs GPS, or does it use GPS/Internet on the phone itself to determine when to take a photograph?

I feel flying the UAV manually is the best course of action; however, the DJI doesn’t seem to have a very good continuous capture feature. Therefore, would your app be able to take photos every few metres even without a GPS/Mobile Signal on the phone?



Hi MIchael,
I quite often use the app with a P2V+ in areas with no cell or wifi coverage. It will work with no issues. Setting the grid is the only trick. Without any background maps, I find it best to walk to the center of the area I want capture and then set the flight boundary. Once it is set, you can walk outside the flight area and start the mission.
I would still recommend using the grid instead of free flight. Free flight will work, but it is a lot more work on your part and I have a hard time getting consistent flight lines. But maybe you are really good at that.
Good luck.