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Parrot flight stability on Pix4D

We are noticing that our Parrot USA has a totally different flight behavior when flying to the start point of an automated mission or returning to home after an automated mission. During the mission, the drone is extremely stable even in moderately windy conditions. However, when flying to the start or coming home, the drone was blowing all over the place and was not anywhere near as stable as it was during the automated flight. We switched over to manual control when we noticed this happening, and the drone stabilized right away. It’s almost like there are totally different flight stability controls under these different conditions. As the drone performs fine on manual, we are wondering if there is something in Pix4D that could be causing this unstable flight during transition periods?

Hello @cconrad, The drone speed is set to the max when it moves to the first waypoint and after the ending of the mission. This might be the reason you are getting those kinds of behaviors. Other than that, I will suggest you upgrade all the firmware to make sure that you are using the latest and stable versions.