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Parrot Fields Not Capturing RGB

I am using ParrotFields on a Mini iPad for crop scouting so that I can see the real-time NDVI results as I fly. However, the RGB sensor on the Sequoia camera is not being triggered. I only get the Red, Green NIR and Red Edge images captured. If I use Pix4DCapture to fly, I get the RGB images as well as the other 4 bands, but I do not get real-time NDVI sent to my iPad. I do not want to have fly the field twice to get both real-time NDVI and RGB. Is this just a limitation of ParrotFields?

Indeed, using Parrotfields you can only generate NDVI maps in real-time during flight. When using Parrotfields, you also have full access to Pix4Dfields desktop and cloud software for further in-depth analysis of crop data gathered. Using Pix4Dfields desktop you can process RGB and multispectral data.
Let us know if you have further questions.
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Issue 1 - Is it possible to still capture the RGB images with ParrotFields? I don’t want them to be streamed real-time to my controller, just the NDVI. But I don’t want to have to fly the field again in order to capture RGB images.

Using Pix4Dcapture to fly, I get all 5 types of images (RGB, NIR, Red, Green, and Red Edge) in the same flight, but I don’t get the real-time NDVI. In order to make in-field decisions, I want to have the real-time NDVI so that I can then create scouting flights. After I leave the field, I then want to process the different multi-spectral bands and also have the orthomosaic. Can I get that all in one flight with ParrotFields?

Issue 2 - When I connect to the Sequoia wi-fi and go to https:\, I do not have any of the settings screens that are shown in the User Guide. Why not?

Issue 3 - We exchanged our faulty Bluegrass for another one. We were told to keep the batteries from our first Bluegrass. These batteries will not work in the replacement Bluegrass. They are fully charged. I plug one into the drone. It does nothing, no beep, no lights, no start up. These batteries were working fine with the original Bluegrass we received. Is there a firmware change or something that we need to track down?


The RGB images should be captured when using parrotfields, you should be able to download from the SD card. The RGB camera should be triggered. Can you check if you cannot download the RGB images?

Can you please write us a support ticket by clicking on contact support on That would help us troubleshoot better.


ggaeke is right, using Parrot Fields flight, SD CARD will not produce RGB images, but PIX4DFIELDS can still synthesize orthophotos. Is this a programming problem?
Besides, could I discuss bluegrass issues in this community?
My bluegrass sometimes cannot generate real time NDVI correctly, or it can generate real time NDVI, but SD CARD does not have any information and pictures.

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It is fine to post it here, maybe some of our users can share also their experiences. However, normally when the issues are related to the drone and SD card. I kindly suggest contacting Parrot. They will gladly help. You are right, it is not possible to get the RGB and NIR, Red, Green, and Red Edge images in the SD card at the same time when you activate the NDVI real-time option. To get all these images in the SD card at the same time, you need to deactivate the NDVI real-time option, and this option appears in the app right before the flight. It is not a programming issue.

Could you please give us more details about this “sometimes cannot generate real-time NDVI correctly” which issues do you get?

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We’ve returned the Bluegrass and are using an eBee SQ instead. So this