Parrot ANAFI defaulting to video in Pix4D Scan

Trying to trial the Pix4D Scan app using IPad with most recent iOS and a Parrot ANAFI. When creating mission, the acquisition type defaults to video. Figured this was normal, and flew 40+ minutes of video (helix, cylinder, and orbit). Processing via Inspect was kicked back and aborted. Any insights on how to change the acquisition to photo?



Hello @pix4d6 , and welcome to the PIX4Dinspect Community Chanel!

Just by reading your message, my first thought would be that you tried uploading a way too large video for PIX4Dinspect to be able to process it.
What PIX4Dinspect does is extract still images from the video uploaded and a 40+ min video might result in more than 4000 images, which is over the limit.

Also, keep in mind that with older Parrot ANAFI Drone, PIX4Dscan will only trigger the Video Mode (except for the Grid Mission), so my suggestion would be to try uploading shorter videos.

If you need more in-depth info, or would like for us to check your PIX4Dinspect projects personally, do not hesitate to get in contact via our Contact Pix4D Support site

Thank you, and have a good day!