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P3P just descending at end of flight

I flew 16 missions today using IOS Capture.  After 6 successful missions, the next time, the P3P just started descending after the end of the mission. I had to take over and land the Phantom.  I don’t think I got a mission complete message.  I had to abort the mission to start the next one.  This pattern continued for the next 4 missions.  Luckily I was paying good attention the first time and I will also always do so now…  On Mission 11, I shut everything down and started the mission like it was the first mission of the day.  Now the P3P finished the mission, gave me a mission complete message, rose 25’ more feet to 125’ and returned home correctly.

We have been flying a lot lately and this behavior was unique for today.  I had noticed that the P3P flies slowly to the start point but races back fast after the end of the mission so I usually put the finish at the far end of the project.  I was doing a short street segment today and got lucky to notice the unusual behavior.

I am using an Ipad Air 2 with the latest version of Capture and  with the latest versions of the Phantom 3 Pro firmware. I have a Maxx UAV antenna.  I am currently flying city streets for Plan and Profile sheets for paving and drainage project.

Hopefully this behavior was random but it sure was scary.

Hi William,

Was your last mission waypoint close to the home point when you noticed the issue?

At the end of the mission, Capture is triggering the standard DJI’s Return To Home. If RTH is triggered within a radius of 30 m from the set homepoint (black arrow pointing up in the map view), the drone will land directly where the RTH was triggered, without flying to the original homepoint position.