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Overfly of 4000 ha

Hey everyone,

I am new here in this forum. I work with my DJI Mavic 2 pro on small surfaces up to 30 has in the field of agriculture, urban planning, tourism and environment in Ecuador. I process my data with PIX 4D. Now a company of topographers is asking me, if I can do a planimetry of 4000 has. It seems to me very much, considering data volume. What do you think is it posible to do this work with DJI Mavis 2 pro and process it with PIX 4D.

Thanks a lot for your advices.


Hi Holger. I would say that for large areas a fixed wing UAV is better suited. You can theoretically do it with a multi rotor but it will require a lot more battery changes. Also for large projects you should have a powerful computer for processing.

Thank you very much Holden for this information. Could you recommend some minimum requirements for the computer and also perhaps a model of fixed wing drone? When I will have finished the overfly I will ask about proccessing details, as dividing in subprojects. I calculated more or less a data volume of 5000 GB, that will be created during the process by Pix4D.

Fixed wings can be quite a bit more expensive. You can look into Wingtra or Ebee to see if either of them suit your needs. I would refer you to our hardware articles for information on what computer components may work best. Keep in mind that processing this large of a project is a very advanced undertaking that will require advanced knowledge of geospatial principals and can be quite complex.