Noise in the point cloud

I use a DJI phantom 1 pro. I use Carlson Software point cloud to import the las files and merge them and then export to a .tin for contouring and volumes. I am seeing a lot noise in the data. At my last job I flew a Sensefly eBee and virtually had no noise. I think the Inspire may be getting vibration from the engine when it takes the pictures. The ebee shutoff the engine prior to taking pics. Has anyone ran into this issue and any ideas on how to clean the data up?



I know it’s late, but I am using the Inspire 1 and I seem to be getting a lot of noise on the DTM and DSM.  I’m not sure why, I fly low and I fly high and it doesn’t seem to make a difference.  It’s impossible to make accurate breaklines from these models. 

I misspoke above. I use an Inspire 1 pro as well. I usually fly around 265 ft AGL roughly 0.8 gsd. I use the contours generated from pix4d I haven’t found anything that can generate contours as well as they do. I use 6 in resolution on the contours. We do random check shots throughout our sites and I use Survey mapping standards. Meaning I create 2 foot contours so 90% of the data need to be within 1/2 of the contour interval (1 ft).