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no start with pix4d cature and phantom 3 professional

after testing the whole Phantom 3 professional we wanted to use it with pix4d cature app. we have thelast Firmware in the prof and also the last pix4d capture Version. after using the from pix4d provided starting procedures - especially the last starting procedure (all green and Holding for 3 seconds - and also the prof in 2 m above ground and also in the capture app the Version for the drone type Phantom 3) there was nothing - waiting some minutes and then aborting the Mission. only in the Mission Manager of the pix4d app was a new Mission number with 0 Pictures!

Did you experience that the P3 is hovering after start and do not want to perform the mission ? I had the same issue, though I made everything regarding to the advices that can be read here in the forum. When I checked the MC Settings in DJI Go I found, that Distance Limit was On and MFD was 30 m. I turned DL and Beginner mode off, then exited from DJI Go, and closed it. After this Capture app worked well.

thank you. with the new app i have not this problem