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No camera view on iPad

Hi all,

I am having the exact same issue: I am flying a Mavic 2 Pro with the latest firmware and using the Pix4D Capture app to fly my projects. The app is successfully flying the projects and taking the photos. I am using an Ipad Mini. My map view is showing up fine on my screen but I’m not seeing the view through the camera.

Did you find a solution for this issue?


I have the same issue, it seems to stem from having opened the DJI GO app for me. If I power everything down (controller + mavic 2 pro) and do not open DJI go, the camera view works just fine in Pix4D. Alternatively, if you force close DJI GO, and unplug phone/device from remote, reconnect it and lauch Pix4D, camera view seems to be back. Good luck!

I’ve heard of this fix working for other but unfortunately it doesn’t for my machine. Also, @kapil, I just saw your previous message. I’ll try to extract those files and get them to you shortly.

I am also having the same issue.The camera’s video feed is still blank.

Add 1 more to the list with the black video feed bug.

Hi guys, 

It’s same issue for me, I try to close, uninstall, reinstall, etc… nothing change, i’m not able to see anything.

As it was mentionned already, app is working to plan fly with taking photos, only camera view is still black.

I’m using cristal sky and mobile device (Xiaomi mi mix 2s on android) depending situation with a Mavic2Pro, problem is present on both devices.

Best regards.

Same issue here.
Mavic 2 Pro, Galaxy 9 phone and latest firmware.

Tried all that is suggested on this page but camera is still black.

Works fine in DJI Go.

Same issue. Mavic 2Pro and iPad pro. Latest app version, iOS and drone/ controller firmware.

Hello Jason, hello all,

This behavior has been confirmed by our developers. The issue will be solved when Pix4Dcapture will be updated with the latest DJI mobile SDK in the next release. However, I can not provide any timeline about the release.

In the meantime, I recommend being very cautious when flying the Mavic 2 Pro using Pix4Dcapture or using another third-party application in which the camera view is available.


UPDATE: This is an issue with the Mavic controller. I purchased a new drone from the same BestBuy and had the exact same issue as previous. Decided to get a new controller from eBay and it worked perfectly with new and old drone. Tried the “bad” controllers with other drones that work and they had the same issues. I’m confident this is a remote issue.


The current status is:

  • On iOS, a bug has been reported and there is no video live feedback at the moment using Pix4Dcapture and the Mavic 2 Pro. It will be fixed in a future release.
  • On Android, the video live feed on the Mavic 2 Pro has not been implemented and it is not in our pipeline to implement it for now.