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multiple circular flights

Is there any way to do multiple flights without landing the drone?
For example, I have a circular flight that it takes only 2 minutes in height of 60 meters, i want then to go to 50 meters, 40 meters without landing how I will do this?
If it finishes the mission without landing if I press pause and then change the height of the mission to a slower is safe?

Hello @Georgios_Bekas, It is not recommended to do so but you should be able to do multiple missions without landing. After the first mission is completed, you have to pause the mission, and then upload a new mission with a different flight height. You won’t be able to change the height for the same mission and continue.

So i will press pause button exit the project and create a new one with different height?
If I press pause when I am in the existing project after it finishes it allows me to change the height.
Is it necessary to do a new one project?