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MNS of vertical surfaces


I work on a cliff mapping project, and try to generate a MNS of that cliff. My problem is that the output does not show the overhanging parts, it smooth it!

I tried with orthoplane generation, but the output is only a .tiff and I need a pointcloud .LAS our .XYZ


Hi Julien,

It is possible to generate the point cloud for a specific vertical surface using the Processing Area feature to adjust the points to be densified during step 2 and extract the facade (more info).

The .tif DSM of orthoplane (orthofacade) is not georeferenced meaning the resulting file is in an arbitrary coordinate system.



This is clearly a problem for me and my clients. I need to generate a georeferenced DSM of a cliff, with a lot of overhanging areas. Will it be a future feature?

Thank you,


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I have reported your need to our suggestion list that will be reviewed soon.
Thank you for your feedback Julien.