mesh vs DSM


they have deliver to me a mesh dataset and the DSM for the same area. If i have understand well, both of them represent the real world with triangles.

What is the difference between them??  Is it correct that they must have the same geometry,  except that the mesh must have moreover the color information?

Also, i view the mesh (fbx format)  through autocad civil, but i dont see the color and the texture, just triangles. Am i using the wrong software? 3ds max is more appropriate as i searched in internet?



Hello John,

The 3D textured mesh and the DSM are different file formats. The mesh is a 3D model, where the object/scene is represented by triangles and the texture of the images that is projected on them, while the DSM is a 2.5D model of the area, which means that is is more like a 2D map with the Z value as an attribute for each pixel of the file. 

For more information you can take a look at the following pages:
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Regarding the visualization of the mesh, you can find a list of software you can use to open it here
Additionally, for more detailed information about how to visualize the 3D textured mesh check the following:


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