Mavic3M single band cameras parameters


Company I work at the moment has its license for Pix4dMapper and want to process the data from Mavic3M in this software.

All would look fine if there would be an up to date sensor database for the single bands cameras for this uav platform. The latest one they have (March 2024) does not provide details for all cameras.

Would it be possible to get them from You? Single band only…


The camera it’s already in PIX4Dmapper database and you can process it.

Let me also advise trying PIX4Dfields Discover PIX4Dfields

Hi Jose!

Thanks! Personally I also prefer Fields for this type of mission but this is not a personal decision :slight_smile:
I am missing parameters for Green Band only. Could You direct me to a resource where principal point x and y data are specified?

When you process in PIX4Dmapper you can check the camera parameters. Go to Image Editor.


Thanks Jose!

Will try this asap