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Light condition and its effect on drone photogrammetry using Pix4Dcapture


Is there any effect on the spatial accuracy of the resulting pointcloud and DSM, when taking photos with drone in poor lighting conditions, e.g. at dawn?




The risk in such conditions are that shadows and the lower amount of light make it hard to find matches between images. If there are not enough matches it can result in a lower accuracy, propagation of errors and effects such as two layered point clouds.

In such cases you’ll have to intervene manually by adding Manual Tie Points (MTPs) to remove the two layers, and by adding Ground Control Points (GCPs) to make sure the reconstruction is accurate. 

In general I’d recommend to fly around noon with sun or with a homogeneous cloud coverage.


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And don’t forget that when you fly at low light conditions you usually need to lower the shutter speed or bumb up ISO which might lead to blurry/noisy images