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Large project

I have a project of around 9000 images taken from a Mavic 2 Pro. The project kept crashing on my desktop and I was advised to upgrade my RAM, which I did (now have 80gb). However after 30 hours of processing, the project crashed again.

Is there any way I can process this project on your cloud platform? Due to the problems I’m now over a week late delivering the map and I’ll have to look at alternative software solutions if I can’t get this resolved ASAP.

Thank you

If you can upload the dataset and the project isn’t sensitive I could process it for you

Thank you very much, however as this is a client project I’m unable to share the dataset.

Hello @surveys

Can you forward the log file so that we can have more insight into the issue? However, my first guess is that the issue is related to the limited RAM size. For 9000 images at 20MP, it is probably your RAM but I can only verify it once I have access to the log file.


Hi, I’ll cancel my Pix4D account and use alternative software - I don’t have time to keep sending over logs, upgrading my PC and waiting 30 hours only for it to crash again…!