Lamination Problem

Good Morning

We ran a project and found a lamination problem as can be seen in the image below. We then decided to split the project into smaller projects and merge them into 1 again. We made sure that we have common CGP’s in the smaller projects. The lighting for the project is constant. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Thank you!

Hi Morgan. I am not familiar with the term lamination in this context. Could you elaborate on where the term is used and what it means? I believe what you are referring to is actually a symptom of inaccurate geotags on the Z axis. 

If this is the case then this is not actually an issue. The blue dots represent the initial positions of the cameras as specified by the image geotags. This value is not usually very accurate (especially in the Z axis) and can vary widely from flight to flight. This is why one segment of the blue dots can appear on a separate vertical plane then another flight. The green dots represent the computed position. These positions are calculated and optimized during step 1 and are the most important as they illustrate how well the bundle adjustment was able to compensate for suboptimal geotags. In this case, the optimized camera position appears to all be correctly oriented. 

As long as the computed positions appear correct then no need to worry about initial positions being on separate planes. If this is not the issue you are describing then just elaborate and I will comment further.