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Issues processing large data set of building (uncalibrated cameras)

I sold my firm on using this software after producing orthofacades with a smaller building and now can’t reproduce. My firm has a client that needs high resolution building elevations (orthoplanes) of a very large (first floor footprint is 3+ ac) , 6 story hotel with two interior courtyards. I have to reproduce nearly 3000 linear feet of elevations. I am running into issues with camera calibration in the model. I have tried to resolve the issue to no avail.
I am not sure if it is my data set size (nearly 836 images in total) or how I am processing but i keep ending up with the majority of my images coming back uncalibrated. I captured all images in one of two methods using the Pix4d app for my DJI.
-First pass was an automated double grid with 357 images. All (or nearly) images were calibrated.
-The remaining 479 images were captured in free flight mode using the the pix4d app. a very small percentage (+/- 3%) of these calibrate. These are the most important images since elevations are our deliverable. each elevation was taken in two overlapping passes with images captured every 20’ horizontal and vertical. All quality reports identify these images as being referenced.

I have tried processing these is several ways with limited success including: changing scale to 1/8, Standard and Rapid processing templates, trying to process the free flights separate from the double grid (100% of the double grid calibrated and 3% of the free flight calibrated), reducing the total number of images, processing free flight images from smaller portions of the building.

The only method that had a high calibration of images (95%) was using the template 3D MAPS from the standard selection. Then when i loaded the triangular mesh the majority of the building was absent from the model leaving only the landscape and a few blob corners of the building.

If anyone has any suggestions on how i can product the deliverable i need, I am open it. I will take any advice on workflow, processing setting, project/ file management, anything. Unfortunately though, I no longer have access to the site so the date i have collected thus far must be made to work.

Drone: DJI Inspire 2
Camera: Zenmuse X5s

Hi Cobrien

Any change you could share the dataset? I could try to take a look at it.