Intel Evo Laptop Compatibility Issue with Pix4D Software

Hello, community members!

I wanted to share an issue I recently encountered regarding the compatibility of Intel Evo laptops with the Pix4D software. I hope that by discussing it here, we can gather insights, potential solutions, or workarounds to overcome this problem.

I recently purchased an Intel Evo laptop, which boasts excellent performance and power efficiency. However, I discovered that when attempting to run Pix4D, a popular software for photogrammetry and drone mapping, I encountered compatibility issues.

Specifically, the problem arises when attempting to process large datasets or perform complex calculations within Pix4D. The software tends to crash or freeze during these resource-intensive tasks, which significantly hampers my workflow and productivity.

I understand that Pix4D is a demanding software, requiring substantial computational resources. Still, given that Intel Evo laptops are marketed as high-performance machines suitable for professional workloads, I had expected a smoother experience.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues with Pix4D on Intel Evo laptops? If so, I would greatly appreciate any insights, workarounds, or potential solutions you may have discovered.

Thank you all in advance for your help and support.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a workstation for our software. Not only is the CPU important but also the GPU and RAM. If you are experiencing a crash then I suggest attaching your log file to this email and someone will take a look.