Including co-ordinates in PDF export?

I’ve recently downloaded the Mavic 3 project example and been playing around with the outputs.
I’ve added an annotation and also ‘right-clicked’ to add the co-ordinates of the annotated item.
However, when I export to pdf and include annotations, whilst the added note correctly appears, the co-ordinate does not. Is this is a bug? Or do I have to type the co-ordinate into the annotation as well? That seems unnecessary when the software has already displayed it.

It would be very useful for the human reader of the pdf report to get a location co-ordinate (I assume the co-ordinates of any annotation are included in the .shape file export, otherwise how does farm machinery know where to spot-apply fertiliser etc?)

You only get coordinates for point annotations. I will file it as feature request that we also give you the center point coordinates for area and line annotations.

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