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Import External Point Cloud from Recap to generate DSM in Pix4Dmapper

Dear everyone.

I have some questions want to everyone helps

I am surveying an area by using both UAV and Faro scanner. After processing raw data to get each point-cloud from these, I combined them so I got a new full point-cloud with .rcp format. Now I would like to import this point-cloud into PIX4d so that I could create DSM, DTM, and contour line from this full point-cloud. So I have questions that need your support, please:

  1. Can we import point-cloud with .rcp format or any format into PIX4d to create DSM, DTM, and contour line?
  2. If yes, could you show me the tutorial to do it, please?

Thanks so much!

There are two possibilities with external point clouds:

Yet, you can’t import .rcp file to Pix4Dmapper. You can use Autodesk ReCap to convert scan file data to a point cloud format. Here is the list of formats that Pix4D supports.


Hi Beata,
I exported pointcloud(from Laser Scanner) (have same position with point cloud Pix4D) from Recap (.e57 format) and imported .e57 into CloudCompare to export .Las format. After that I imported back .LAS format into Pix4DMapper but position 2 point cloud (external and internal) is not same. Could you help me, please?

Hi, Chelsea fan :wink:

Please upload the following to our OneDrive (check your email):

  • original .e57 file
  • your .las file which you exported from CC
  • your project with the results, .p4d file and images.

Remember to zip the folder before uploading it. Otherwise, we receive only part of the data.

Let me know once you upload the files so I can start with downloading and investigation.


Hi Beata, :grinning::grinning:
I’m using Pix4Dmapper trial version. I imported point cloud into Pix4DMapper (by Process->Import PointCloud for generate DSM) (.las format and same coordinate with point cloud in Pix4D). I run only step3 then but the DSM results are not generated from an external point cloud. Could you help me, it is nice if that is a video tutorial?

Data is very large more 50GB so I don’t know how sharing you

Chelsea (Drogba, Ballack, Lampard, Cech, Terry, Hazard…fan) hihi

Is this still an issue? Are they aligned?

The point cloud generated by Pix4Dmapper and the external point cloud should be aligned. Mark common GCPs in both the model generated by Pix4Dmapper and the external point cloud to align them. If this is not possible, extract points from the Pix4Dmapper model and mark them as GCPs in the external point cloud: How to align projects.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a video but an article. Learn more in How to import a Point Cloud delivered by an External Source into Pix4Dmapper

So if we can’t have all of the files, please at least send us the external and internal las file :slight_smile:


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