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images synchronization, Only half images stored ?

Hello everyone,

I’m using the Pix4D iOS app.

In my latest project, 36 images were taken (according to mission planning and execution), however only 19 images were saved and uploaded (half the Circular path).

Do you know why and what I should do to get all the pictures ?

Thank you !

Hi Laurent,

If my understanding is correct, only 19 images out of the 36 of your projects were synchronized with your mobile device. Then I assume that except this fact, the mission you planned was achieved properly.

A section is describing how to synchronize pictures with your drone. Note that by default the automatic synchronization is activated. If something went wrong and that you can not synchronize the pictures taken by the drone with the mobile device, you can get them straight from the SD card.

If you can not get the pictures in one of those ways, then something went probably wrong with the mission.


Great, thanks for your help !